The NuPrime HD-AVP and HD-AVA

All-digital HT preamp/processor, Media Server, DAC and Power Amp (HD-AVA only).

HD-AVP is an excellent all-in-one product equivalent to "AVP + Media Server + DAC-10 USB DAC". HD-AVA offers the additional 200W X 2 power amp that is similar in performance to IDA-16 amp. With the discounted price, you are essentially getting the AV processor for free.

The NuPrime HD-AVP all-digital HT preamp/processor delivers ultra-high resolution USB audio decoding at PCM 384K or DSD256, 24bit/192kHz digital audio, hard-disk media playback, wireless streaming and superb 4K HD video. There are six HDMI, two optical, two coaxial, four stereo analog, one USB Audio and three USB Host (for hard drive) inputs. The audio outputs include 7.1- channel RCA, 2-channel Zone1, Zone2 and Line Out, 4-channel XLR. A built-in Wi-Fi network supports Airplay, DLNA and Miracast. Two HDMI outputs can be selected from any of the six inputs. The HD-AVP easily accommodates the most complex home theater system configurations. The HD-AVA is HD-AVP with the addition of 200W x 2 power amp utilizing NuPrime Reference LE class amplifier technology.