The NuPrime WR-100 Wi-Fi Audio Adapter

Requires usage of Android or iOS tablet/Phone.

Powered By Qualcomm AllPlay. Hi-Res Wired (RJ45) and Wireless (Wi-Fi dual band) Audio Adapter

The NuPrime WR-100 is a multi-zone wireless audio receiver powered by Qualcomm® AllPlay™ that allows you to stream music simultaneously across as many as ten different audio zones throughout your home.

With the WR-100, you can stream high resolution music from the following sources:

  • Online music services such as Spotify, Rhapsody, Napster and many others*
  • Music from local network media server or NAS
  • Music local to your smart phone or tablet.

For a complete list of supported online services, refer to:


  • Wi-Fi connection, dual band 2.4 & 5 GHz-2T/2R
  • DLNA compatible
  • Quick Connect to Home Wi-Fi network function (WPS via WLAN key)
  • Supports Direct Mode (direct access point) or network router connection
  • Party mode (Router mode only)
Multi-zones / Multi-room operation (router mode only)
  • Operation: Multi-color LED indicator; 2 keys on back

  • Power input: 5V DC - 1A (micro USB connector)

  • Power consumption in ON mode: < 5 W

  • Standards: CE, ERP2, REACH, ROHS


Inputs: 1 X 3.5mm Analog Stereo Line-In with re-streaming capability, controlled by APP.  
Outputs: 1 X Optical SPDIF and 1 X 3.5mm Analog Stereo Line-Out (O dBm) sharing the same output jack 1 X Coaxial (SPDIF on micro USB connector). Compatible with NuPrime digital port for data and power supply

Comparison with Chromecast Audio ($35)

    • WR-100 has RJ-45 for wired internet streaming
    • WR-100 has analog input for re-streaming
    • WR-100 can operate with its own WiFi network in AP mode.

Very Easy to use iOS and Android App

1. The App will detect the presence of the receivers in the network
2. Name the WR-100 receivers, e.g., "Living Room," "Master Bedroom," etc.
3. Select the music source. In this demo, music is streamed from Spotify to the Living Room and to the Master Bedroom from local server.
4. Play the music and select the speaker. Local music is played from NuPrime app and online music is played from Spotify app. You select the music and speaker from within Spotify app.

Another Demo showing Master Bedroom playing music from local server and Living Room music streaming from Spotify.

* AllPlay is built on the AllJoyn™ framework, hosted by the AllSeen Alliance, to break through limitations of vertical solutions, such as a lack of flexibility and uncertain interoperability. With AllPlay, your favorite speakers can also interact with other connected devices in the larger ecosystem of the Internet of Everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset WR-100?

Keep pressing the reset key at the back for 6 seconds or more, then release, and WR-100 will reboot within 10 seconds. Wait one minute for it to be operational again.